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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Crowd Sourcing Funds For Subprime Auto Loans

Here is an idea for you to get your next car in Baltimore Maryland. Crowd sourcing the funds for it? Yeah its a crazy idea but it could work. There are many auto loan options for subprime credit when you crowd source for a car.

Any money is good money to put down for a car. If its $5 or $10 any money will help you at the dealership. Although we do recommend that you save up a little more than $10 for a down payment.

There is so much fake stuff out on the web when you go to apply for a subprime auto loan in Baltimore its crazy.

Having a co-signer with subprime auto loans might be the way to go. With the online approval process you can take advantage of getting a car loan in Baltimore before you walk into a dealership.

More dealers will be willing to work with you knowing that you are approved before hand. It cuts out the busy work.