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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Leasing A Car Is Worst Than Buying With Subprime Credit

Yesterday I went to the dealership after work to help with a lease for my girlfriend and let me tell you it took 4 hours for us to get out of the dealership.

Yeah she got her lease but its like pulling teeth with dealers now. So I now know a little bit about the headaches that people face and how scare they are to go into a dealership.

But the good news is that no matter the kind of loan you get approved for there are tons of places to get the "heavy lifting" done first.

Signing for a car has to be the longest process I have ever sat through for a Chrysler vehicle. There are so many options to sign for if you want them.

At one point I said to my girlfriend let's just get the keys and jet. Online is the best place to get approved so you know before going into the dealer that you can walk out with the keys.

Online approval is what I would be looking for if I was you with your next subprime auto loan. Don't wait to get to the dealership to run your credit. Get approved now so the paperwork is done and all you have to do is sign for the car.